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QAR 33

Ready-to-cook Freekeh

The latest Super Grain on the nutrition scene, Freekeh is a traditional Middle-Eastern dish that is high in protein & fiber. Freekeh is actually wheat that is harvested early & then roasted and rubbed – the name comes from the process of preparing the grains (farik,فرك).

446 cal/serving

3 servings/pouch

Everything you need included!

فريكه جاهز للطبخ

الفريكه غنية بالعناصر المغذية

سعرة حرارية 446 لكل وجبة

هذه الوجبة لثالثة أشخاص

!كل ما تحتاجه ستجده في هذه العبوة

Handmade with love, by Mama.


QAR 33