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A long table of warm food made by Mama is the way to gather everyone around. Our mothers play a big role behind-the-scenes pouring love in creating them. Even more so, generations before us have worked tirelessly in learning and innovating delicious and nourishing Arabic food that we all know and love today.

Now, it is our turn. And this is our home.

Our home exhibits a little of the past but hold lots of room for the future. It is time for us to do what our mothers did best, and their mothers, and the generations that came before us. Not only for our loved ones, but firstly for ourselves. We might not have learnt how to hollow out an eggplant, but we were raised with values that allow us to appreciate and respect the path and hard work they have set up for us. And in doing so, we connect with them. Anchor our roots. Keep their spirits alive. We use their learnings to continue having our own.

Sit Beit is the space of love, freedom, and creativity.

Whether you are busy or foreign to the concept of cooking, Sit Beit has your back! Filled with fresh, locally preserved ingredients, it’s an easy-to-follow recipe that connects you with loved ones, past or present. Giving you access to Mama’s recipes with a twist of experience that fits you, in this day and age, the goal is to constantly evolve and make it easy for everyone to create homemade traditional food.