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Our Story

The idea behind Sit Beit started with Rana wondering, “How can I bring the smell of mama’s kitchen & the flavors of my childhood into my home without spending hours in the kitchen?”

This was all because of her simple desire to find a way to cook traditional recipes easier & faster. 

The recipes were then created by the OG Sit Beit, Rana’s Mama. After locally sourcing the best and freshest ingredients, Rana went on to the first test phase and hand packaged the first prototype in early 2018. Shortly after, with immediate and amazing feedback, Sit Beit came to life and to supermarket shelves just in time for Ramadan 2019.

Sit Beit is a proud home business, run by husband and wife. Sit Beit was awarded a government prize for Qatar’s best home-business. 

It’s the smell of mama’s stews cooking on the stove that send us straight into a happy daydream, and we know we are not alone.

Sit Beit isn’t only about cooking delicious food, it’s about finding that Sit Beit inside you- that power that anchors our roots, ignites our values and connects us with each other.


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