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Welcome to Sit Beit- the ultimate destination for authentic, traditional Arabic cuisine made easy!

We get it- some of our favorite dishes can be time-consuming and intimidating, but we're here to change that.

At Sit Beit, we're a mama-daughter team with a shared love for traditional Arabic cuisine. Mama brings the best recipes straight from her kitchen, and Rana - a creative foodie - is on a mission to make it more fun and easier for everyone. That's why we've created ready-to-cook pouches that are bursting with authentic flavor and easy to prepare.

We're all about sharing our rich heritage through food and can't wait for you to join us on this exciting culinary journey- promising you a trip down to mama's kitchen!

Plus, we've got the best Maamoul around, they're soft, rich and busting with flavors. Each batch is handmade with love, ensuring that every bite is perfect. 

At Sit Beit Kitchen, we're not just cooking- we're creating memories, one dish at a time. Let's spice up your life and bring your kitchen to life!

...because everyone can be a Sit Beit